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Housing With Care

Our Services

We offer Housing Access Coordination (HAC) which as described by the Minnesota department of Human Services is a waiver pay-per-performance person-centered service that helps people plan for, find, and move to homes of their own that are not owned, leased, or controlled by disability services providers.

We value your choice of living in the comfort of your home or community and getting the personalized care you want from skilled professionals. The staff at Housing With Care work with individualized relocation plans designed to meet the needs of each client and promote successful nursing home relocation.

Housing Access Coordination

Housing access coordination (HAC): A waiver service that helps a person plan for, find and move to his/her own home. It is a pay-for-performance, person-centered service that pays for staff assistance based on the results achieved. A provider is reimbursed for actual time spent helping a person get housing.

Transitional Services

Transitional services covers items and expenses necessary and reasonable for a person to transition from an eligible setting to his/her own home.